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Investor Contact

Ryan Hamilton
Tel: +1 604 609 6442

Business Conduct Reporting

Anyone with a concern about questionable accounting, financial auditing, internal control or financial fraud related matters may file a report through the Business Conduct Reporting tool or toll-free hotline (in Canada and the U.S.) at +1 877 507 8685.

Transfer Agent

Tel: +1 866 230 2915
Tel: +1 201 680 6578 (Outside U.S.)



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Teekay LNG's LNG carriers, LPG carriers and conventional tankers operate all over the world. The map below is a recent look at our fleet at work.

Using the map
Use the bar on left side of the map to zoom in and out. Click on an icon to learn more about each vessel or unit.

= Conventional
= LNG Carrier

* The above is a delayed representation of vessel positions.

* Teekay LNG Partners’ LPG fleet will be added to the vessel position map in the near future.